Cackalacky Coffee Roasters
Our mission is to provide you with fresh roasted naturally grown coffees from around the world. We offer a variety of single origins, blends and decaffeinated coffees. We are a micro roaster dedicated to roasting to order for you, quantity and style of roast. Our selection of coffees and traditional drum roasting, along with our slow roasting style, provide a selection of coffees from sweet and smooth, to bold and robust.

We promote organic coffee because the less chemicals used in growing coffee or any agriculture product, means the less we have contact with harmful chemicals. And not just us, but the environment as a whole. Everything that is grown for us has a direct impact on plants, animals and the soil. When it rains all the runoff from crops affects streams and rivers. Organic methods are more than just about us, its about everything around us.

Rocky Mount Farmers Market (Rocky Mount, NC), Anne's Donuts (Rocky Mount, NC), Smith's Red & White Grocery (Dortches, NC), The Moss House Bed & Breakfast (Washington, NC), Meeting Place Catering (Washington, NC)


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