About Us

Our Story

Our roasting company started with the desire to source and roast great beans and let others experience fresh roasted coffees from around the world. We first served our community with our coffees at our local farmers market, and the relationships we made helped clarify what meant the most to us, relationships.

Roasting the best specialty coffee beans and sharing with our clients about the coffee where and how it is harvested, and what is involved to get that wonderful cup of coffee in their hand, is the connection we strive to make. Relationships is what's makes the biggest difference, so follow us as we continue to connect you with the best coffees around.

Our Coffees

What we always look for in our coffees that we offer is impact and in the most positive way.

  • Impact to you
    • Offering the best tasting coffee at a fair price.
  • Impact to farmers
    • Our purchase of coffee at a fair price is making a impact, be it fair trade certified coffees or cooperatives that are the anchor to their community.
  • Impact to land
    • Organic and rain forest alliance coffees may have set the standard, but many small farmers have adopted sustainable methods. We will provide all the information we get about all the coffees we offer.